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Customize Agent

Customize the NIC and hard drive partitions to be monitored

  • Run /opt/nezha/agent/nezha-agent --edit-agent-config to select a custom NIC and partition, and then restart Agent

Other Flags

Run ./nezha-agent --help to view supported flags,if you are already using the one-click script, you can edit /etc/systemd/system/nezha-agent.service,at the end of this line ExecStart= add:

  • --report-delay System information reporting interval, default is 1 second, can be set to 3 to reduce the system resource usage on the agent side (configuration range 1-4)
  • --skip-conn Not monitoring the number of connections, if it is a server with a large number of connections, the CPU usage will be high. It is recommended to set this to reduce CPU usage
  • --skip-procs Disable monitoring the number of processes can also reduce CPU and memory usage
  • --disable-auto-update Disable Automatic Update Agent (security feature)
  • --disable-force-update Disable Forced Update Agent (security feature)
  • --disable-command-execute Disable execution of scheduled tasks, disallow WebShell (security feature)
  • --tls Enable SSL/TLS encryption (If you are using nginx to reverse proxy Agent´s grpc connections, and if nginx has SSL/TLS enabled, you need to enable this configuration)